Lori (lookslikelori) wrote in holidayrecipes,

Honey Butter

I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Simple and incredibly delicious!

1/2 Cup Butter at room temperature
1/3 Cup Honey

Combine and mix well (I used my whip attachment on the mixer but it says to do it by hand .. Don't if you can help it. The mixer eliminates the lumps in the butter)

Serve at room temperature.

I put mine back in the fridge (it's for tomorrow) but will take it out ahead of time and use a pastry bag star tip (or something) to pipe it onto the serving dish/bowl.

Some recipes called for 1-3 Tablespoons (or was that teaspoons?) of cinnamon. I nixed that as I've never had it that way and I didn't want to distract from the honey or the butter.

This is the bestest recipe ever!!
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